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03 Jun 2015
Pei Wei

Pei Wei Oriental Diner is often a cycle involving quick-casual restaurants through which offer freshly equipped, wok-seared, current pan-Asian cooking in a calm, warm environment through the use of pleasant mindful counter top service along with take-out freedom. Pei Wei provides similar mindset of food as well as deal with furnishing contemporary, high-quality Oriental foods at a fantastic importance that's built their Dining area dining places effective. Proven in 2002, Pei Wei has more than 175 regions within a lot more than 20 says. Deals work quite well as soon as offered.
Pei Wei Menu

NOODLE & RICE Containers

Serta Dan Noodles: Chile seared soya spices, minced chicken, scallions, garlic herb, bean bud, cucumbers, ovum ramen